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SAP Business One Developer

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Wandio is one of the leading custom software development companies in Georgia. We have been building middle and large Web and Mobile systems for Georgian and Foreign markets for more than 6 years already. We have developed over 100 different products such as e-commerce systems, mobile banking, loyalty management mobile applications, human resource management systems, ERP systems, online platforms for ticket sales, etc

We are looking for a SAP Business One Developer.


C# development

  • Experience in developing SAP Business One Add-ons
  • Familiar with Object-Oriented Development concepts
  • Strong knowledge of C#
  • Good Understanding of relational databases
  • Able to understand and write SQL Queries/T-SQL
  • Knowledge and experience with Windows Forms based architecture

C# Specific Technologies

Knowledge of the following technologies is a great advantage:

  • Working with ActiveX
  • Working with COM Objects
  • Working with InteropServices


All of our work is deployed from GIT, we never edit code directly, the following experience is a must:

  • Working with GIT to commit code changes
  • Branching experience - we work using a feature branch method - advantage
  • Using Pull Request to merge code - advantage
  • Solving GIT conflicts and merging with other tasks code


We expect our developers to troubleshoot to find, fix and explain the issue.


Due to the nature of the work we sometimes need developers to access servers for investigation. 

Other Skills

  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills (including in English)
  • Basic knowledge of software development processes, business analysis and project management - advantage

What we offer:

  • Exceptionally comfortable working environment
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Self-growth opportunity
  • Exciting and far-reaching projects
  • Salary is corresponding to your skills and qualification

  • ENG
  • GEO


What we offer: