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Experienced React Native Developer

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Wandio is one of the fastest growing custom software outsourcing companies in Georgia. We have been building middle and large Web and Mobile systems for Georgian and Foreign markets for more than 5 years already. We have developed over 100 different products such as: e-commerce systems, mobile banking, loyalty management mobile applications, human resource management systems, ERP systems, online platforms for ticket sales, and etc.

We are looking for an Experienced React Native Developer.


  • Application Development
  • Understanding of component-based architecture
  • Excellent knowledge of platform specific features (iOS, Android)
  • Experience of advanced styling patterns using styled-components or raw styling on SCSS (Measurement units, global styles and props, platform specific styling)
  • Excellent knowledge of animations with Animations API
  • Strong JavaScript skills, including TC39 features (rest/spread, async/await, destructuring assignment and etc.)
  • Experience with state management using Redux or Context API
  • Understanding of static typing using Flow
  • Ability to transform design files into live elements of application
  • Writing clean code and consistency is a must. No compromises.


Application is meant to implement best practices of JavaScript language itself and React. It`s needed to differentiate class components and functional components where needed to be resilient. Lifecycle methods of components must be intuitive and avoid side effects where needed. There mustn`t be code repetition anywhere and application will be required to be consistent.


Any application in the nature exists because of data it fetches and manipulates. Developer need to understand the principles of REST. It`s required to have knowledge of caching and normalizing of data to be highly accessed and parsed easily at sequential requests by React representational components.


All of our work is deployed from GIT, we never edit code on the fly, the following experience is a must:
  • Working with GIT to commit code changes
  • Branching experience - we work using a feature branch method
  • Using Pull Request to merge code
  • Solving GIT conflicts and merging with other tasks code


Experience in troubleshooting issues is a must, we sometimes occur unexpected issues which are hard to isolate, and we expect our developers to troubleshoot to find, fix and explain the issue.

What we offer:

  • Exceptionally comfortable working environment,
  • Self-growth opportunity,
  • Exciting and far-reaching projects,
  • Salary is corresponding to your skills and qualification

  • ENG
  • GEO

Experienced React Native Developer